Successful cooperation

Master's study project documents Peter Pane's success story

06.02.2024 | Germany

Students on the Master's degree course in Intercultural Business and Technology Management, led by Prof. Dr. Frank Schäfer, have successfully completed a study project in collaboration with VALEO IT Services International GmbH from Luhe-Wildenau. The aim of the project was to create a success story highlighting the successful partnership and the solutions implemented by VALEO IT for Peter Pane, one of the most renowned restaurant chains in Germany.

Video shoot at Peter Pane: insights into the collaboration. The video shoot, which captures the highlights of the collaboration, took place at the premises of Peter Pane, a flagship company in the hospitality industry. The shoot focused on various aspects of the partnership, including implementing customized IT solutions for franchises and improving operational efficiency.

Joint storyboard: creativity in action. The creative process was supported by the joint development of a storyboard. In close consultation with the Peter Pane team, scenes were sketched out that not only highlighted VALEO IT's technological expertise, but also Peter Pane's specific needs and successes.

Statements from the headquarters in Luhe-Wildena In order to present a holistic perspective on our collaboration, the key players at VALEO IT Services International GmbH were interviewed at the headquarters in Luhe-Wildenau in the run-up to the video shoot. The statements offer an authentic insight into the strategies, challenges and successes that have characterized the cooperation with Peter Pane so far.

Insight into the partnership between VALEO IT and Peter Pane. "The success story we are telling through this Master's study project not only reflects the efficiency of our solutions, but also the close cooperation and understanding between our teams and those of Peter Pane," - says VALEO IT Managing Director Bastian Braun. The success story will not only serve as a documentation of the successful partnership, but also as a case study for future projects and an inspiring example of innovative solutions in the franchise industry. Many thanks to Peter Pane for his trust in VALEO IT Services International GmbH.

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About Peter Pane: Peter Pane is a renowned restaurant chain in Germany known for its high-quality burgers and unique ambiance. With numerous locations in different cities, Peter Pane offers its guests culinary experiences at the highest level. More information at